How stories show humanity

I love stories and recognize their importance. I find solace, comfort and hope in them. I believe that all our stories matter and they are worth sharing. We do ourselves a great injustice when we don’t see the significance of our stories. The failure to see their importance means that they aren’t shared, they aren’t honored, and  we …

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Feeling Magenta

Magenta. That’s how I was feeling today, magenta. Truth be told, it’s how I’ve been feeling for the past two weeks. I love the Golden Girls. It’s in my top five favorite tv shows and where I learned the expression, ‘feeling magenta’. Blanche, one of the show’s characters describes the magenta feeling as “All kinds of feelings tumbling all over …

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Lean into the discomfort

I’m a big fan of writing to heal and telling our story. I’ve been consistently engaging in this healing-type of writing for the past three years , studying this field for the past year and a half and helping women to lean into the discomfort of penning their stories for almost a year. I don’t ever want to make it …

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Your story is not for everyone

One of my closest friends is  a recovering superwoman. You know the type; supermom, super-wife, super-something. Recently I got a frantic message from her. ‘I’m so bloody fed up. I can’t do this anymore’. She broke. She had reached the point where she could no longer keep acting and living like every single aspect of her life …

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For Keisha

If you’re someone who loves to journal, chances are you’re an observer and you lead a reflective life. I journal about pretty much everything, even the things that don’t directly relate to me, the things I observe concerning others. Depending on how my observation moves me, I even write extended pieces, too. Sometime ago I witnessed …

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Words are things

On my bedside table now, among the three books I am reading now are three journals. A gratitude journal, a dream/goal/plan journal and my daily-writing-in journal. Yeah, I love to journal as I’m crazy about words. Writing, chronicling my life, dreams and the things I am thankful for is a huge part of my existence. And …

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