Carlana is the owner and curator of Ink & Grace. She is a writer, creative, and Jesus girl who values family, grace, and simplicity.

In a world that promotes a hurried and harried way of life, she is passionate about simple, slow, intentional, authentic and wholehearted living. In 2017 she created this space to share and connect with other women desiring rest, simplicity, grace, and ease in their lives through writing and community. In November 2019 she followed the prompting in her heart and archived all her content and started anew. This time around she is choosing to let her faith and values be reflected in her content on this space and to be vulnerable with her words. It is scary, yet liberating.

If you like what you see here, grab a cuppa and stay for a few. And if you would like to collaborate or connect with her don’t be afraid to say hello or follow her on Instagram.