New beginnings

I know. It looks different here.

This is the second time I’ve archived my blog posts. Actually, this time I didn’t just archive, I deleted it all to start again. The first time I archived my content because I was shifting focus. This time around, I’m releasing all of it so I can start new. In His strength, all by His Grace.

If you’ve been here before, you know I’m big on story, owning our truth, and living a most fulfilling life. These ideals have been the foundation of this space. Story and storytelling have become catchy phrases on the interwebs. From marketers extolling stories as the way to sell more products and reach new markets to mommy bloggers trying to highlight what makes them unique. Along the way, story has become an overused buzzword and living our best life, or some variation of this has become an expression we should consider retiring.

Before you go thinking I’m a buzzkill or negative Nancy, I’m not. I still believe that stories and storytelling is perhaps the best currency we have for connecting with and understanding each other. Owing and telling our truth is a big part of stories, but in the process of sharing my stories – stories of abuse, abandonment, and hitting rock bottom, I forgot something important. You see my truth is less about what I say about me but what He says about me. My truth may be built on an unhealthy false idea or view of myself and the world around me. But His truth concerning me is infallible. And when I remembered this, it shifted everything. I don’t want to live out of the truth as I define it for me, but I want to live from the truth as defined by Him concerning me. And I don’t want to live my best life in my strength and wisdom, but in, through and for Him.

It seems like I have had a few epiphanies!

So I am starting again. I don’t know what this journey will look like or even what shape this space will take. But I know it will be well. Feel free to come again.

Grace be with you.