You are your best thing. Start living like you are.


Allow me to introduce myself

Hi. I’m Carlana. I’m a writer, storyteller, coach, conversation starter, and journal therapist. Through this space and my work, I help women to pursue well-being, (re)connect and care for themselves, and develop the skills, grace, and tools to live intentionally, authentically, and wholeheartedly.

As women, we need to make space for self-care, wellness, and just bringing in more joy and sweetness in our lives. Many of us women drop the ball here. I know I did. And for a long time, too.

I used to think I could grab joy and sweetness along the way. I never thought to make it a focus and become intentional about it. But in 2014 life hit me really hard and I had to rethink what was important. Since then I’ve become a self-care advocate and I work with women who want to care for themselves without feeling guilty or indulgent.

How May I Help You?

I offer one-to-one services, workshops, e-books and e-courses,  digital downloads, and more.


1-1 Sessions

Guidance, support, encouragement, and accountability each step of the way. Sessions are always personalised with you in mind.



Virtual and live workshops on topics such as self-care, boundaries, shadow work, mental help and more.


Digital Produucts

Free and paid workbooks and e-courses you can download and work on at your pace in the comfort of your preferred space.

My work with women aims to -

  • guide them on their journey to (re)connect with themselves
  • help them discover and incorporate into their lives practices that promote well-being, personal growth, and self-discovery
  • show women that self-care and wellness should be built into their lives and not treated as an accessory
  • support them in deepening their relationship with themselves by focusing on their emotions and general needs
  • remind them that they are their best thing and worth the nourishment needed to thrive inside-out
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