September Manifesto

September 3, 2019Carlana Charles

I recently started creating a monthly manifesto, focusing on my intentions for the month. My manifestos aren’t aggressive or stern like a to-do-list but are a kind, soulful reminder of how I’d like to grow in a month’s time. I don’t share my manifestos because they tend to be personal, but I’m sharing this one because it focuses on holistic self-care.

I commit to holistic self-care for the month of August and will focus on my mind, body, and spirit. I’m taking this time to shed some layers and make space for the woman I am becoming. I have added my wellness to the calendar. This month, I am my sole project, my main client.

My approach will be gentle. I’m not checking things off a to-do list. I’m creating time for myself so that I can forge a path to bliss, well-being, and inner wealth. This month is about surrendering, being still, and choosing to wholeheartedly embody the idea that I am my greatest gift and richest asset. I’m creating time and space for this gift and asset to recharge and come alive from the inside out.

This month I will honor and love myself with the choices I make. I commit to:
  • Starting and ending each day in the presence of the Divine. To sit in His presence, to hear from Him, to feel His love and presence over me.
  • To tending my temple by moving my body. I will engage in exercise that will strengthen my body and engage my core while being kind on my heart and easy on my joints. And yeah, imma throw in some ab work whilst at it.
  • Honoring my creativity and exercising my love for writing by making the time for my words and refueling my writing practice.
  • Eating foods that are full of health and healing. Goodbye to snacks, for now. Or ever. Water, you are my new BFF. And I will love you, by force, with every sip.
  • Making time for soul-sisters, women who embrace camaraderie, live with conviction, and engage with themselves and each other in healthy and loving ways.
  • Rest. Deep, rest. Resting my eyes, hands, brain – my body.
  • Take care of my heart by shedding fear from it, replacing it with the love God has for me and the love I have for myself.

And in the midst of all these aspirations, I will be kind to myself if (and most certainly when) I miss the mark. You know, the snacks and stuff.

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