Lessons from a succulent

August 6, 2018Carlana Charles

I’m the girl who let’s succulents die. I have heard it’s hard to kill them but for some reason they don’t make it on my watch.

A few weeks ago my friend gave me a succulent and said, ‘please don’t kill this one. Speak love to it and give it care.’ I felt like she was talking to me more than she was speaking about the plant, especially when she said speak love and give it care. She wasn’t of course, but maybe I needed that feeling to stir some things in me.

Something about getting that plant and giving it love has inspired me to pour some of the same into me. Pouring love and care into the plant (so as not to have a third one since January die on me) inspired me to step away from work and focus on me. I launched into a full-month stay-cation. It’s early days, but I’m slowly sinking into rest and self-care in a radical, yet loving way.

You know, the space you inhabit contributes greatly to your wellness. I have been craving spaciousness in and around me for a few months now. I’ve been feeling antsy whenever I get into spaces and situations where smallness abounds. In the past few days I have been letting that spaciousness in, starting at the office and then at home. I’ve been cleaning, throwing out stuff, cutting off partnerships that do not work. Letting the spaciousness in has also been bringing in some light. Light in my physical spaces, and a lightness to my heart.

I feel like I am coming into alignment. I feel light, free, and like a world of possibilities are opening up. Imagine the catalyst of all this shifting being brought on by a conversation on the welfare of a plant.

I’ve been speaking love to the plant and I have been watering it sparingly because apparently succulents don’t need a lot of water. I’m also pouring that love on myself, speaking love to myself, feeding my body healing foods, resting, laughing, and doing yoga. I’m giving myself the best love and care. Plant and I are both thriving.

This week, take some time to speak love to yourself and give yourself some care. You don’t need a stay-cation or extensive time away to experience this. Just small, intentional steps that will ultimately lead to you feeling good in your body and happy in your soul.

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