Faithing It

January 15, 2019Carlana Charles

I’m re-reading Acts of Faith this year and catching nuggets and bits of wisdom I missed before. It’s also making me see that I have allowed situations and circumstances to allow my faith to dwindle. I want to find my faith again this year. I want faith to embody every aspect of my life. As I read I am reminded that it takes faith and courage to see beyond your present circumstances into the divine opportunities and possibilities of the future. Facts are the physical manifestation of data, but truth is the immutable impersonal laws of the universe into which we invest our faith.

May I use faith as the foundation for creating and attracting more peace, joy, love, and abundance in every area of my life. May I transform my hopes, dreams, and visions into reality by being faithfully committed to transforming what I think, how I speak, and what I do day by day, step by step, act of faith by act of faith.

Wishing you a faith-filled 2019.

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