Hi, there. I’m Carlana.

I help women pursue wholeness, embrace their truth, glean wisdom from their past, and become the heroine of their stories. I’m also a certified life coach, cognitive behavior practitioner, and holder of safe spaces for women.

I’m also a writer. I say this because writing has always been my way of coming back home to me and my means of exploring and connecting with my inner landscape. Writing has helped me to (re)discover my worth and unravel my many layers. During a difficult period in my life, I met myself between the sheets of my journal and was transformed from the inside out. I am forever thankful for the cathartic and revealing power of writing and the wisdom experienced from putting pen on paper and exploring my core. I now work with women to help them connect with their stories and shift from the false narratives they’ve been carrying about themselves, so they can live wholesome and fulfilling lives.

You can get in touch with me to explore how we can work together via the contact page here. It’s time to be the heroine of your story and your life. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you feel moved to do so. I’m here for you!